Client Representation

What Sets UsApart

Scrutiny and enquiries by enforcement agencies can pose significant challenges for businesses across various industries, facing potential litigation, and employee-employer disputes. With more than a decade of experience in handling such matters in various scope, context and magnitude, Promise Consultancy is ready to be your trusted representative.

Expert Guidance

Navigate scrutiny and inquiries with confidence

Quasi-Judicial Proceedings

Understand the complexities of agency inquiries resembling civil court proceedings

Strategic Approach

Treat inquiries like court trials, ensuring thorough preparation and documentation

Trusted Partner

Over a decade of experience supporting clients through scrutiny and inquiries.

Comprehensive Understanding

Piece together inquiry puzzles with insights from government officials and regulatory bodies

Streamlined Process

Clear communication and guidance for senior management to ensure a favorable resolution

How we help withLitigation?

Fear-Free Litigation

Overcome concerns about court proceedings, legal representation, and alignment with business objectives

Thorough Analysis

Strategic planning to address business intricacies and expected outcomes.

Integrated Approach

Seamless communication between Promise Consultancy and Promise Legal for comprehensive representation.

Expert Advocacy

Trusted advocate for EPF, labor law, and other litigation matters.

Professionalism and Expertise

Deliver results with professionalism and expertise, ensuring favorable outcomes

Who can benefit fromour services?

Companies Under Regulatory Scrutiny

Businesses subject to scrutiny by enforcement agencies, whether initiated by regulatory bodies or through legal proceedings, require expert guidance to navigate complex legal landscapes

Employers Handling Employee-Related Issues

Employee-employer tussles, such as violations of notice periods, intellectual property clauses, or contract terms, demand swift and effective resolution, requiring assistance with drafting notices, conducting litigations, and representing clients in legal proceedings related to employee disputes

Organizations Facing Litigation Risks

When scrutiny or enquiries lead to adverse outcomes or potential litigation, businesses often find themselves in a state of uncertainty and fear. You might need expert analysis, strategic guidance, and representation in legal proceedings to ensure the best possible outcome

Companies Seeking Labour Law Compliance

Ensuring compliance with labour laws and regulations require support in navigating labour law enquiries, representation in EPF enquiries, and handling matters related to new labour codes and standing orders

Businesses Requiring EPF and Labour Law Advocacy

Businesses seek superior representation at every stage of EPF enquiries, including high court filings, tribunal representations, and Supreme Court matters

Scrutiny and Enquiries

Companies often find themselves under scrutiny by various enforcement agencies, with inquiries often resembling quasi-judicial proceedings. These proceedings can be lengthy and complex, requiring a strategic approach akin to a court trial.

Handling such inquiries internally presents challenges, including the ability to follow proceedings closely, document activities, and navigate agency networks. Without a well-versed team to strategize and connect key points, inquiries risk stalling or escalating into litigation.

With over a decade of experience, Promise Consultancy offers trusted support in navigating scrutiny and inquiries. Our expertise in piecing together complex inquiries, aided by strong relationships with government officials, ensures a comprehensive understanding of your situation. We streamline the process, providing clear communication and guidance to senior management for a favorable resolution.



In cases where scrutiny leads to unfavorable outcomes, fear often grips companies, hindering their willingness to pursue litigation. Concerns about legal representation, alignment with business objectives, and senior management involvement further complicate matters.

At Promise Consultancy, through our sister organisation Promise Legal, we address these fears head-on. Through thorough analysis and strategic planning, we offer transparent guidance on litigation options, duration, and costs. Our integrated approach ensures seamless communication with senior management, allowing us to navigate the legal landscape effectively.

From employee-employer disputes to EPF and labor law matters, Promise Legal serves as your trusted advocate and consultant. We leverage our expertise to represent clients at every stage of proceedings, ensuring a comprehensive defense and favorable outcomes.

For all your litigation needs, trust Promise Consultancy and Promise Legal to deliver results with professionalism and expertise.

Whether you're facing regulatory scrutiny, employee-employer disputes, or potential litigation risks,we provide the expertise and support needed to navigate these challenges with confidence. Trust Promise Consultancy & Services to be your partner in resolving legal complexities and safeguarding your organization's interests.