Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the workplace is a complex and sensitive compliance matter, where organisations require the most sensitive guidance and advisory.

Promise Consultancy has been steadfastly advising organisations in their PoSH compliance and handling PoSH enquiries with utmost sensitivity to achieve fair outcomes for all possible parties involved.

Legal Knowledge

All our advisory and guidance are rooted in the Act and the law. We keep ourselves abreast of all the latest updates and case laws related to PoSH and share those with our clients regularly.

Strategic Composition

Expert guidance in assembling the right team with the right expertise for PoSH committees 

External Expertise

Access to external committee members with legal and business background, bringing an informed and balanced voice to the table.

Comprehensive Advisory

Our role does not end with the basic compliance activity, We provide verbal and written advisories on a consistent basis  on PoSH related matters to ensure clarity and confidence for the ICC and management

Stakeholder Benefits

Support for organizational leaders, HR professionals, legal teams, ICC members, and businesses so that they are confident in their roles and responsibilities.

Empower Your Committees

We do not believe in one size fits all. We offer customised and tailored advisory and training that fits your industry and truly unlock the potential of your workplace

Who needs to comply withPoSH Act?

The POSH Act applies to all workplaces in India, including government organisations, private sector, hospitality or nursing homes, sports institutes/facilities, or a dwelling place or house safeguarding the rights of women who are employed or visit any workplace, irrespective of their employment status.

As per the provisions of the POSH Act, every workplace employing ten or more employees is required to constitute an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) to handle complaints related to Sexual Harassment and facilitate inquiry into the complaint. In situations where a workplace has multiple administrative units across various locations, it is necessary to establish an ICC  in each administrative unit.

Organizational Leaders

The employer or their representative is responsible for ensuring the establishment, implementation, and compliance of PoSH policies and procedures within the organization. They are also required to provide necessary support to the ICC for the effective discharge of its duties.

HR Professionals

HR plays a crucial role in facilitating the implementation of PoSH policies and procedures, conducting awareness programs, training employees, and providing administrative support to the ICC.

Legal and Compliance Teams

Legal and compliance teams responsible for navigating complex regulatory frameworks, rely on specialized assistance in setting up Internal Complaints Committees (ICCs), organising orientation sessions  and ensuring adherence to statutory requirements.

Ensure seamless PoSH Compliance

From drafting the policy to passing the board resolution, from providing awareness materials to drafting and filing annual reports, we provide comprehensive compliance services so you can be rest assured that you are meeting them at the highest standards.

Committee Formation and Orientation

Forming a strong, diverse and committed Internal Complaints Committee as stipulated in the Act, and orienting them with the necessary legal knowledge is critical for a well functioning PoSH mechanism within organisations. We imbue the necessary legal knowledge through various case studies and structured micro-learning sessions so the ICC feels prepared and confident to handle any complaint.

Expert Guidance From External Member

The ICC greatly depends on the expert guidance of a well-versed external committee member. Our roster of external members who support your ICC have served in several such panels and handled cases of various magnitudes. The external members also understands the nuances of business organisations and will bring that sensitivity while handling the proceedings.

Conducting Sensitisation and Awareness Programmes

Succesful implementation of the PoSH act within any organisation hinges on all of the employees in them. Each employee has a responsibility to be aware of what the PoSH Act entails. We use relevant case materials and tailor vernacular training as per audience requirement so the message reaches each individual. We co-journey with the employees through these programmes and mini-refreshers so that they feel empowered as equal stakeholders.

Ensure PoSH Compliance with ease and confidence

Whether you're navigating the administrative requirement of PoSH, setting up of ICC, training sessions or need guidance on handling inquiries, Promise Consultancy & Services provides tailored support to empower you to ensure compliance and fair resolution