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At Promise Consultancy, we helps employers simplify regulatory functions, HR activities, business inception services, audits, maintenance of all statutory records, compliance to various governing acts and secretarial matters.

We will be there to support your leadership team by handling governance matters and ensuring a smooth operation for everyone.


Our history.

Promise Consultancy and Services was founded by Mr. Bhaskaran Sambasivam in 2010. Mr. Bhaskar worked in varied roles in several organised industries before founding Promise Consultancy.

When he was working with the leadership team in those companies, he observed that for a business to thrive and outshine their competitors, the management needs to focus on three pillars.

The first one being the company’s main technical offering, second is their revenue generation and third being financial management. Managing the above three pillars can definitely make a company profitable, But legal blindness can crash even a strong business.

Clear legal compliance is key to stability, professionalism, and industry leadership. It strengthens the entire business. Mr. Bhaskar saw the common thread that whatever be the type of industry, there are some overarching laws as well as some industry specific employer laws that the organisation needs to adhere to make the fourth pillar strong.

Promise Consultancy was born out of this need in 2010, knowing that we could fill this crucial gap and offer business stakeholders this valuable and niche service. In the last twelve years, Promise Consultancy has served over 300 clients in different sectors like manufacturing, hospitality, finance, construction, IT, retail, education, sustainability, healthcare etc.  and have been growing from strength to strength.

We help our clients at every stage of business starting from registration, retainerships, department scrutiny representation, management committees participation and all the way to representing our clients in litigation matters. We undertake all forms of legal research and provide legal opinion and litigation support through our sister organisation Promise Legal Pte Ltd.

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Our mission

Powering Business Excellence

Help business owners and individuals to achieve regulatory compliance merit so that the company and its resources can focus on their core competencies and revenue generation

Our Vision

Unparalleled service and client-centricity

Through innovation and client-centricity, we aim to catalyze business success by setting new standards of excellence in consultancy. Our vision is to offer unparalleled service, expertise, and personalized attention, ensuring compliance and fostering growth for all our clients.

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