What Sets UsApart

POSH Compliance

Specialized support for compliance with the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) Act, including ICC setup and case management

Strategic Composition

Expert guidance in assembling the right team for workplace committees tailored to organizational goals

External Expertise

Access to external committee members offering strategic insights and result-oriented actions

Comprehensive Advisory

Verbal and written advisories on committee-related matters to ensure clarity and confidence

Stakeholder Benefits

Support for organizational leaders, HR professionals, legal teams, employee representatives, and businesses prioritizing inclusivity and safety.

Empower Your Committees

Unlock the potential of your workplace committees with tailored support from Promise Consultancy & Services

Who benefits fromWorkplace Committees?

Workplace committees are essential for organizations striving to enhance employee engagement, ensure compliance, and drive continuous improvement. Various stakeholders benefit from specialized support in establishing and managing these committees effectively

Organizational Leaders

Senior management and board members seeking to harness the collective expertise of their workforce and drive strategic initiatives benefit from guidance in forming and overseeing workplace committees

HR Professionals

Human resources (HR) professionals tasked with fostering a positive workplace culture, ensuring legal compliance, and addressing employee concerns find value in expert support to establish committees focused on employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and policy development

Legal and Compliance Teams

Legal and compliance teams responsible for navigating complex regulatory frameworks, such as the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) Act, rely on specialized assistance in setting up Internal Complaints Committees (ICCs) and ensuring adherence to statutory requirements

Employee Representatives

Employees appointed as committee members require guidance and training to fulfill their roles effectively, ensuring that committees remain focused, productive, and aligned with organizational objectives

Organizations Subject to Scrutiny

Companies facing scrutiny from regulatory bodies or potential litigation can benefit from the establishment of specialized committees, guided by external experts, to navigate legal complexities and mitigate risks effectively

Businesses Prioritizing Inclusivity and Safety

Organizations committed to fostering a safe, inclusive work environment recognize the importance of workplace committees focused on health and safety, diversity and inclusion, and employee well-being

Empower Your Workplace Committees

Workplace committees play a pivotal role in driving organizational excellence, but managing them effectively requires expertise and dedication. At Promise Consultancy & Services, we specialize in empowering workplace committees to achieve specific organizational goals and continuous process improvements.

Strategic Committee Formation

We understand that assembling the right team is crucial for committee success. Our experts advise on strategic committee formation, ensuring that members possess the necessary expertise and dedication to fulfill their roles effectively. Whether it's employee engagement, HR policies, or workplace health and safety, we guide you in creating committees tailored to your organizational needs.

Expert Guidance From External Members

Sometimes, an external perspective can provide invaluable guidance and direction to your committees. Our experienced external committee members offer strategic insights, navigate pressing topics, and facilitate result-oriented actions. From addressing legal complexities to fostering vibrant local communities within your organization, our external members add value at every step of the committee process.

Specialized Support For PoSH Compliance

Compliance with the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) Act is paramount in today's workplace. Our specialized services dive deep into PoSH compliance, offering assistance in setting up Internal Complaints Committees (ICCs), conducting training sessions, managing investigations, and handling sensitive cases with utmost care and sensitivity. With our expertise, you can ensure full compliance with PoSH regulations and foster a safe and inclusive work environment for all.

Comprehensive Advisory Services

In addition to hands-on support, we provide comprehensive advisory services to help your committees navigate complex issues with confidence. Whether you require verbal consultations or detailed written advisories, our experts are here to offer clarity and guidance on a wide range of committee-related matters.


Unlock the Potential of Your Workplace Committees

Whether you're navigating legal complexities, fostering employee engagement, or ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, Promise Consultancy & Services provides tailored support to empower your workplace committees and drive organizational success